Academic Excellence for the Class of 2023

Monday, 18/12/2023 Posted by: Emily Heath

“Open Mind, Open Heart, Play Your Part” was Stuartholme’s mantra this year, and the Class of 2023 have embraced this through their academic achievement in a diverse range of areas.

Principal Danny Crump said “we are proud to announce some highlights from our 2023 graduates, and congratulate each and every one of these 119 confident, compassionate, and capable women,” said Mr Crump.

100% of our students received a Queensland Certificate of Education.

In addition, 92% of our ATAR eligible cohort achieved an ATAR or equivalent rank of 80+, opening up a wide variety of future opportunities.

Two of our students achieved straight A grades in all six of their General subjects. Ten students studied five General subjects and achieved As in all.

16 of our students achieved the result of 100% in at least one of their external exams.

Two of our students achieved a perfect final subject score of 100 out of 100 in the subject of Drama.

51 Diplomas were awarded, 16 Certificate IIIs were awarded, and 20 Certificate IIs were awarded.

“These achievements reflect the dedication and hard work of our staff and students, and the quality of the teaching and unique learning opportunities provided at our School,” said Mr Crump.

“Stuartholme supports all of our graduates to find the best pathway forward, so they have the platform to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others, equipped to take on the world, just like our class of 2023.”