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Past Students

The Stuartholme Sacré Cœur Association (SSCA) aims to provide ongoing enrichment, friendship and support to members and current students; to maintain contact with our alumnae and Sacred Heart networks through news items, regular events and reunions; to provide a bursary program for daughters and granddaughters of the alumnae; to support the School through mentoring, networking, sharing career advice and speaking engagements to the Stuartholme Community.

We strive to extend the sense of community that Stuartholme imparts on its students to all past students, teachers and friends of Stuartholme.

Please visit the Stuartholme School Sacré Cœur Association website for latest events, reunions and to find out how you can reconnect with Stuartholme and renew your relationship with the school community by becoming an alumna volunteer, please contact us by clicking the logo below;


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As an alumna of Sacred Heart Education remember “Wherever you go, whatever road you travel, you will always find a home at Stuartholme.” We hope all our alumnae come back frequently to pay us a visit and feel at home while doing so. We would be delighted to show you around and share the vitality of Stuartholme. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for a visit


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