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Principal Sharpe announces retirement

Mon , 27/06/2022 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

During her tenure, Ms Sharpe sustained the school through changes to federal funding, systemic educational change and ensured our school’s Master Plan …

Students reimagining entrepreneurship with Religious Education

Wed , 29/06/2022 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

The word entrepreneurship was once firmly associated with business for profits, but students at Stuartholme School in Toowong, are pushing the boundaries …

Congratulations to the Class of 2021

Wed , 29/06/2022 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

Building on the long-standing tradition of academic excellence at Stuartholme School, we are proud to announce our 2021 graduates have achieved outstanding …

Stuartholme’s Student Wellbeing Program Recognised

Wed , 29/06/2022 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

Stuartholme School is thrilled to announce that the school was a finalist in the 2021 Australian Education Award for Best Student Wellbeing …

SPARK Program igniting imaginations

Wed , 29/06/2022 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

Stuartholme’s SPARK Program has implemented two new initiatives this year as the school strives to make curriculum adjustments for high-ability students. Extension …

Growing to Great

Wed , 29/06/2022 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

At the heart of Stuartholme are the students, who are challenged in a supportive and affirming environment to reach their potential in …

Helping your teen find the joy of music

Wed , 29/06/2022 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

You don’t have to look too far to see the benefits of learning music. Studies show music can enhance brain function, improve …

Vital role of parents in achieving educational excellence

Wed , 29/06/2022 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

While it’s true that teachers have a major impact on academic performance there is also a strong correlation between teacher-student relationship (Pillay, …

Driving towards thriving- setting up our senior students for success

Wed , 29/06/2022 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

To commence Term 4, I had the pleasure to collaborate with the Wellbeing and Academic Teams to prepare and present a workshop …

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