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Bus Network

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Stuartholme School offers a cost effective and convenient transport option for getting your daughter/s to and from the school.

Brisbane Bus Lines run four bus routes exclusively for Stuartholme students each morning and afternoon. Detailed information including maps, payment and registration may be found below, however, if you have any queries please email

  • Term 2 buses will run until Friday 16 June, when they will depart school at 12:15pm.  In Term 3, buses will run from Monday 10 July through to Friday 15 September (12.15pm), but please note there will be no bus service on non-class days: Mon 17 July, Wed 16 August, Fri 1 September. 

Electronic tracking now in place.  All students must now use their Student ID cards to tap-on and tap-off the bus every trip; in this way, their usage is monitored and casual use no longer requires a physical pass. All families are encouraged to install the TransportME app so that they can track their Brisbane Bus Lines bus in real time.

2023 Bus Pass Options

  • Annual –  $1,220
  • Term – $365 per term  ( A $20 surcharge will apply for payments received after the second Thursday of each term.)
  • Casual (10 trips) – $100

We are offering a discounted rate for those families using the very closest bus stops to school, as we hope this will reduce traffic congestion and encourage our most local parents to use the service. Note: only the stops at Toowong, Bardon, and Milton Rd are offered at the discounted rate of $930 (Annual) and $280 (Term).

Please contact Karen Collins to discuss further at

Please Note: Each Bus Service has limited seats and preference will be given to students with permanent bookings.


Bus Routes

Bus 1 - Bellbowrie, Pullenvale, Brookfield, Kenmore, Fig Tree Pocket

6.53am BT Moggill Road @ Bellbowrie shops, continue to roundabout on Moggill Road
6.55am BT Moggill Road @ Moggill, (L) Kangaroo Gully Road, BT Bellbowrie Chase, (R) Sugars Road BT outside 101 Sugars Rd, (L) Moggill Road
7.05am BT Grandview Road, BT QCAT, BT Diggers Rest, (L) Rafting Ground Road, BT @ Rafting Ground Park, Near 17 Rafting Rd
7.15amBT Rees Way, BT Brookfield Road 47, BT @ Gap Creek Road, BT Friary 39, BT Brookfield Rd at Kenmore West 37
7.25amBT Kenmore Village, (R) Marshall Lane, BT Marshall Stop 35 [Stop 36 in the PM], (R) Kersley Road, (L) Kenmore Road, BT Sunset 45
7.35amBT Norman St (on Kenmore Rd), BT Fig Tree Pocket Rd 37, continue (in AM via Centenary Hwy), and turn right onto Moggill Rd. In PM, also stops at BT 33A on Fig Tree Pocket Rd
7.40amBT Chapel Hill Stop 28, (L) Western Freeway, (L) Mt Coot-tha Road, (R) Richer Road, (L) Birdwood Terrace
8:10am School bus bay
(Afternoon in reverse order with slight modification starting 3:15pm Birdwood Terrace. This bus will depart from the drop off zone behind Joigny)

View the Bus 1 Map (AM)

Bus 2 - Westlake, Mount Ommaney, Jindalee, Oxley, Sherwood, Graceville, Indooroopilly, St Lucia, Toowong

Time Route
6:45amBT Westlake on Horizon Dr near Nisbet St; BT McLeod on Horizon Dr near Maribor St; BT Baden Powell on Horizon Dr; L into Dandenong Rd/Endeavour St/Yallambee Rd, BT Mt Ommaney on Yallambee Rd; R into Sinnamon Rd;
6.55am BT Windermere Estate 78; Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd; BT Canossa Hospital 70; L into Ardoyne Rd
7.05amBT Ardoyne Rd 67; R into Cliveden/Morcom/ Keble/Grace; Outside 11 Grace St; L into Spencer St; Outside 23 Dewar Tce;
7.10amBT Graceville on Honour Ave at Graceville Station; cross Indooroopilly Bridge;
7.20amBT Indooroopilly Station 53; Lambert Rd/L into Indooroopilly Rd;
7.25amIndooroopilly Rd 23 near McCaul St; R into Gailey Rd; BT Gailey Park 18
7.30amBT Kensington Tce 21 on Sherwood Rd; BT 18 Dean St @ Elizabeth St; Mt Coot-tha Rd/Richer Rd/Birdwood Tce
(Afternoon in reverse order with slight modification starting 3:15pm Birdwood Terrace. This bus will depart from the drop off zone behind Joigny)

View the Bus 2 Map (AM)

Bus 3 - Gaythorne, Keperra, Ferny Grove, The Gap, West Ashgrove, Bardon

7.05am BT Gaythorne 33, Along Samford Rd, (L) Tramway Street , (R) Arbor Street, (L) Conavalla Street
7.15amBT Ferny Grove Bus Interchange, (L) Conavalla Street, (R) Arbor Street, (L) Tramway Street, (R) Samford Road, (R) Settlement Road, (R) Kaloma Road, BT Harward St #38, BT Hilder Road School 40, (L) Hilder Road.
In PM also stops at BT Samford-Dawson 26 and BT Settlement Rd near Tingward
7.30am BT Wittonga Park 42, (L) Waterworks Rd, (R) School Road, BT School-Woongarra 44, (R) Payne Road to roundabout, BT Payne-Dillon 44c, BT Payne-Whitehead 41
7.40am BT Payne - Paten Road 33, (R) Waterworks Road, BT Kilmaine St 29, (R) Coopers Camp Rd
7.46amBT West Ashgrove 24, BT Coopers Camp 29, BT Coopers Camp 27 near Cecil Rd, (R) Simpsons Rd, BT Simpsons Rd @ Bardon 16/16A, continue on Stuartholme Rd to school. In PM, the bus first stops at BT Bardon School 21 and BT Chiswick Rd West 19 on way to BT Simpsons Rd @ Bardon 16.
8:05am School inner bus zone
(Afternoon in reverse order with slight modification starting 3:15pm Birdwood Terrace. This bus will depart from the drop off zone behind Joigny)

View the Bus 3 Map (AM)

Bus 4 - Alderley, Grange, Wilston, Ashgrove, Red Hill, Paddington, Auchenflower, Toowong

7.15am Outside 219 Raymont Road, BT Alderley Grove 5A, BT Chermside Street Stop 8A, (R) Grange Road, (L) Days Road,BT Days Rd @ Carroll Cres 25A, (R) Kedron Brook Road
7.20am BT Wilston Village 20, (R) Newmarket Road, (L) Enoggera Road, (R) Ashgrove Avenue , BT Ashgrove Avenue 22/BT21 in PM, (L) Waterworks Road, BT Woodland Street 15 / BT Ashgrove Marketplace in PM, BT Whitta St 12 at Red Hill Special School (PM only),(R) Enoggera Terrace
7.35am BT Enoggera Terrace 11, (L) Latrobe Terrace, BT Old Ithaca Fire Station 9(AM only)/ BT Latrobe Tce at Old Paddo Post Office 8 (PM only), (R) Given Tce, (L) Fernberg Rd, across into Haig Rd
7.45amBT Haig Rd at Torwood St, 11, (L) Torwood St, (R) Milton Rd, BT Milton Rd at Auchenflower Shops 10, BT Milton Rd at Park Ave 11, BT Milton Rd at Morley St 13, Mt Coot-tha Road, (R) Richer Street, (L) Birdwood Terrace
8:10amStuartholme School - driveway roundabout
(Afternoon in reverse order starting 3:15pm Birdwood Terrace. This bus will depart from the roundabout behind Student Reception)

View the Bus 4 Map (AM)

Bus 5 (Register Your Interest) - Clayfield, Hendra

Stuartholme School are exploring a bus service that runs from Clayfield to Stuartholme. To express your interest in this bus route please e-mail



Samford Area Information

Families in the Samford area may wish to utilise BBL services between there and Ferny Grove on Bus 3.  Details can be found here:  School Bus Connections – Ferny Grove Rail.pdf (

Conditions of travel

  • Students must be registered to travel on the bus.
  • Seating is limited; priority will be given to students travelling on annual and term passes. In rare cases, students may be required to stand, as occurs on Council buses
  • Students travelling on the buses are representatives of the School and are required to behave appropriately.
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of their bus route number. They must ensure they are at the correct bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the timetabled departure time of the stop (or group of stops).
  • Buses will not pass a pickup point before the timetabled time; however they may be delayed due to traffic congestion. Students are to remain at the stop until the bus arrives.
  • Timings and pickup points may change depending on the needs of students. If this is the case, parents will be notified via email  at the beginning of each term.
  • Bus routes are reviewed annually and any amendments will be communicated at the earliest convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Trying to determine the most cost efficient pass to get?   
    • Our Annual Pass is the cheapest option for regular users throughout the year (~ $3.40 per trip for those using the bus each day).
    • Term Passes are designed for those regular users who are heavily involved in term-specific activities (regular use in a Term costs ~ $4 per trip).
    • Casual 10-trip Passes are $10 per trip, so are designed for infrequent use (ie on average over a term, up to 3 trips per week); they remain valid over several terms.
  • Want to trial the system first?  
    • If you not sure how the bus service will work for your family, you may purchase a Casual or Term 1 pass and then upgrade to an Annual Pass for $1,220 less the amount already paid.  The upgrade must however be paid for no later than the second Thursday of Term 2.  Please contact Karen Collins to organise the appropriate payment.

Enrolling at Stuartholme

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