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Academic Achievements

A fundamental principle of Sacred Heart Education is that all students have a right to be educated to their fullest potential. The best educational outcome for each individual student is always the main objective. Stuartholme School collectively values a deep respect for intellectual values, and celebrates academic performance and achievements.

Each year we celebrate academic effort by acknowledging the girls who improve their grade point average; encouraging the student community to work towards greater self-improvement. Our annual Celebration of Excellence ceremony in Term 4 recognises our highest achievers in all areas of the School, with a particular focus on the Year 12 students.

Stuartholme School has a long tradition of academic excellence. These achievements reflect the dedication and hard work of our teachers and students, and the quality of the teaching and learning opportunities provided at the School.

Building on the long-standing tradition of academic excellence at Stuartholme School, we are proud to announce our 2022 graduates have achieved outstanding academic excellence.

•  Over 99% (92% is the state average) of our students attained their Qld Certificate of Education (QCE)
•  We congratulate Claire Abercrombie, Georgia Betts, Seoro Brady and Alexandra O’Brien who achieved
straight A grades in all 6 of their General subjects (only 2.5% of state graduates received this result)
•  A total of 17 students achieved straight A’s across 5 or more of their general subjects
•  21 students achieved 100% in at least one of their external examinations across the subjects of Ancient
History, Design, Drama, English, Literature, Modern History, Music, Study of Religion and Visual Art
•  68 Diplomas were awarded, one Certificate IV, 18 Certificate IIIs were awarded, and 20 Certificate IIs
were awarded
•  6 students achieved perfect scores across the subjects of Drama, English, Music, and Visual Arts

Academic Achievements 2022


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