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Parents of Stuartholme

2024 Parents of Stuartholme committee nominations are now open

Stuartholme School is fortunate to have a wonderful network of parent and community supporters throughout the school. Parents of Stuartholme are the parent community body for the School. The objectives of the Parents of Stuartholme Community groups are consistent with the School mission and philosophy. In particular, they aim to support, promote and maintain the learning, spiritual, social and physical development of Stuartholme School students by:
  • Fostering a distinctively Catholic environment within the School community consistent with the ethos of the Scared Heart Society;
  • Developing maximum co-operation between parents, staff and the School;
  • Providing a medium for information and participation of parents in the School community;
  • Identifying services and talents within the School community and making them available to school-related spiritual, educational, social and fund raising activities;
  • Raising funds for the purposes of the School;
  • Providing a medium for the promotion of a spirit of community and mutual support within the Stuartholme School;
  • Fostering parent-student-teacher understanding and communication.

The Parents of Stuartholme (PoS) Community Groups reflect the close relationship between the School and parents, friends and past students. The groups provide invaluable time and resources to supporting the students learning, academic, cultural and sporting success. If you know of anyone in the school community who is interested in joining us or simply wants to get to know people in the school community, please contact us. All members of the PoS and Stuartholme parent community are invited to attend meetings which are held on the first day of each term in the evening. We are calling on all nominations for the 2024 Parents of Stuartholme committee which will be announced in October.

Year Level Representatives

Stuartholme School has a Year Level Representative system, where each class from Years 5-12 has parent representative/s. The Year Level Rep’s role is to facilitate social activities amongst parents, provide a welcome to new parents and perform a vital communication link between the PoS, other Parent Community groups around the School, and the community. If you are interested to find out who your year level representation is or want to know more, please contact us.

Care and Concern

The Care and Concern Group coordinates support to boarders through an Annual Birthday cake and transport roster. Also when school families are in times of need such as family illness, the Care and Concern Group provide a valuable link between parents and the school.

Stuartholme Boarding Parent Network

The Stuartholme Boarding Parent Network is the parent body for the boarding community at Stuartholme. The committee consists of Year Level Representatives and meets once a term. Boarder parents are encouraged to feedback issues of concern or comments about what is going well to their Parent Representatives. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback about boarding at any time. We meet each term on the boarders return to school day and also host a Boarder Parent Get Together in August each year.

Stuartholme Co-Curricular Parent Support Groups

Co-curricular plays an important role in your daughters school journey at Stuartholme School. With 85% participation in more than one co-curricular activity per term we have dedicated Parent Co-Curriuclar Support Co-orindators and Reps for each activity that you can join to help support your daughters interest. If you are interested in finding out how to become involved in one of the Parent Support Groups please contact us.

    • Rowing
    • Netball
    • Equestrian
    • Waterpolo
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Cross Country / Athletics
    • Debating
    • Music

How To Get Involved In 2024

There are lots of way to get involved within the parent community at Stuartholme School without having to take on an official “role”. In general, our ethos is to connect with as many parents as possible and welcoming everyone to the Stuartholme parent “village”. Lending a hand, where you can, is a great way to get involved with like-minded parents, make new friends and contribute to the life of the school. There is an inclusive, relaxed and fun vibe to the “work” we do. The Parents of Stuartholme (PoS) ultimate goal being to maximise parent engagement, working in partnership with the school towards outcomes which assist our daughters with their teaching and learning and enhance the Stuartholme School community.

Please tick a box below to indicate where you might like to lend a hand and be added to the Parents of Stuartholme helpers list

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