Stuartholme Alumna Katrina Schiller Makes Waves in the Global Music and Film Industry

Monday, 15/04/2024 Posted by: Emily Heath

From a small town to global prominence, the trajectory of Katrina Schiller, a 1990 graduate of Stuartholme School, in the realms of film music editing and composition is nothing short of extraordinary.

Katrina’s love for music began at home in Clothiers Creek, near Murwillumbah in NSW. The piano, a constant companion in her childhood, set the stage for a lifelong devotion to musical expression. At Stuartholme, under the guidance of music educator Carol Parker, Katrina’s passion for music found fertile ground.

Reflecting on her time at Stuartholme, Katrina fondly recalls Mrs Parker’s influence. “She had a way of supporting and guiding us to do our best creatively,” says Katrina. Mrs Parker’s composition assignments and captivating vocal choir selections fuelled Katrina’s musical curiosity and set her on a trajectory that continues to shape her career today.

After graduating from Stuartholme, Katrina pursued her studies at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Her career took her from Sydney to London, and now she resides in the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles.

As a Film Music Editor and Music Composer, Katrina has lent her talent to Academy, Golden-Globe, and BAFTA award-winning films. Collaborating with a diverse group of filmmakers, composers, and musicians, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the musical landscape of cinematic masterpieces.

Katrina’s current work in London, spanning five months this year, exemplifies the dynamic nature of her profession. Her days are far from typical, starting at 9 am and often concluding well after 10 pm. Whether collaborating with directors and editors to establish the musical tone of a scene, assisting composers in crafting film scores, or overseeing recording sessions with orchestras, Katrina’s role is multifaceted.

As a Music Editor, she navigates the intricate process of film production, representing composers during the final mix or dub. This high-pressure role requires her to be the intermediary between the creative composing team and filmmakers, all while managing the expectations of major studios. 

Despite the challenges, Katrina expresses a profound love for her work, acknowledging the tireless effort required to meet tight deadlines for a film’s highly-anticipated release.

Amidst the bustling world of film and music, Katrina holds dear the memories of her time at Stuartholme. Beyond the academic realm, her boarding school experience forged lasting friendships. “Some of my boarding school friends and I have traversed the world and lived together across the globe, and we are still in close contact,” she shares.

These friendships, born from a shared background of love and support, remain a constant in Katrina’s life. The commonality of coming from caring families, striving for excellence, and navigating the world with respect and humility is a bond that transcends time and distance.

As Katrina Schiller continues to make waves in the global music and film industry, including her recent role as Supervising Music Editor on the 2023 film ‘Wonka,’ her journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of a Stuartholme education and the enduring connections formed within its halls.