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A School of the Sacred Heart

Junior School

Years 5 and 6

In 2024, Stuartholme School welcomed its inaugural Year 5 cohort, marking the beginning of an exciting expansion. Students are provided with a dynamic curriculum in the Junior School, tailored to be transitional and age-appropriate. This curriculum aims to cultivate a rich sense of community, underpinned by our Sacred Heart charism.

Drawing on recent research and evidence-based practices in girls’ education, our Junior School learning framework is a holistic program that encompasses academics, spirituality, wellbeing, and co-curricular activities.

As a leader in girls’ education, Stuartholme recognises that the early years of education lay the foundation for successful and lifelong learning. Within our safe, caring, and nurturing environment, our youngest students have the opportunity to discover their identity, sense of belonging, and leadership capabilities. This approach ensures a seamless progression to Secondary School.


Construction is underway for the dedicated Junior School precinct on the main campus which will include classrooms, toilet facilities and an outdoor play and recreation area.

The classrooms are contemporary in design and aim to facilitate student-centred learning, where students take control of their own learning through articulation of tailored goals and a clear understanding of their progress.

Students have access to Stuartholme School’s already expansive range of facilities including swimming pool, netball and tennis courts, Library, Technologies Precinct, Art studios and Design Technology rooms.

Community and leadership

As members of the Stuartholme School community, Years 5 and 6 students are a part of all school celebrations, assemblies, liturgies, and masses.

Stuartholme recognises the importance of providing leadership opportunities to our students. Our Junior School students have leadership opportunities built into the Junior School program through official positions and student representative councils.

Junior School curriculum

The Junior School Curriculum Units of work are strategically developed to enhance creative and critical thinking skills, through students solving real world problems in collaborative environments. The units
studied enable students to firstly learn at a surface level before developing a deeper understanding of concepts and skills that can be transferable at a masterly level.

Stuartholme follows the Australian Curriculum mandated by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Core subjects include:
• Religion
• English
• Mathematics
• Science
• HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences)
• Wise Wellness

Our Junior School students at Stuartholme benefit from the expertise of our specialist teachers in:
• Health & Physical Education
• Technologies (Digital & Design)
• Visual Art
• Drama
• Languages – Chinese & French
• Music

In addition, there are excursions and camp opportunities.

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