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Monica Butel

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Monica Butel has recently returned to Australia after working as the Finance Director for Coca-Cola European Partners.

Monica graduated from Stuartholme in 2000.

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What were your favourite subjects at school?

Economics and Biology. I enjoyed both of these subjects due to the teachers and their encouragement to be curious!

What have you taken away from your time at Stuartholme?

How to work in and lead a team, how to be resilient and the importance of proactiveness.

Do you still catch up with the girls you went to school with?

Yes! My school friends are my best friends. I’ve flown all around the world to visit them and go to their weddings (Denmark, France, Australia) and I speak to them regularly!

What did you need to study to qualify as an Chartered Accountant?

Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Queensland. There are some key accounting and finance modules you have to take before applying  to start your CA study.

How do you stay connected to Stuartholme?

Mostly through friends! And hiking Slaughter Falls in and around Stuartholme.

Do you have a memorable moment from your school days?

Several! Rowing camps each year at Maroochydore. The ski school trip! Playground fun times!

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