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Kristy Jones

Senior Marketing Manager - Hong Kong

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Kristy Jones is based in Hong Kong and is the Senior Marketing Manager for LexisNexis Hong Kong and Taiwan.

LexisNexis is a global content and technology organisation and Kristy moved to Hong Kong with the company in 2014. She graduated from Stuartholme in 2001.

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What’s life like in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a really busy place so it’s important to find balance, and I’ve been able to do that in a lot of ways. I go to Hong Kong Park each morning and train with a group of friends, I go to the beaches on the weekend. I do a lot of hiking in the mountains and of course, visit the array of great restaurants Hong Kong has to offer.

During your time at Stuartholme, was there anyone in particular who made a difference in your world?

Many people had a lot of influence on me and really impacted me in my time at school but I think I got the most from my rowing coaches. They really helped to shape who I am and had a big influence on teaching me everything that you don’t learn in a classroom.

What is the most memorable thing about Stuartholme?

I think one of the most memorable things for me is really just the spirit of Stuartholme. I was really into sport and so I loved taking that spirit into my sporting life as well as really applying myself to study. It really was an atmosphere where you were encouraged and supported by both your friends and teachers to give it your all.

How do you stay connected to Stuartholme?

I’m able to stay connected with Stuartholme through a number of ways but it’s most predominately thorough the very close friendships that I still have with a lot of the girls. My friendships expand not only to people in my own year group, but some of my best friends are from other grades as well.

Would you recommend Stuartholme to others?

I would absolutely recommend Stuartholme School to all girls! I always rave about it anyway to my friends so you could say I’m a bit patriotic. It’s a place where you really are given the freedom to grow and become your own person and I think it’s really been (Sacred Heart) Goal 5 – ‘Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom’ that has absolutely stuck with me throughout my whole life.

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