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Jane Moran

Civil Engineer and Olympian

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Jane Moran graduated from Stuartholme School in 2002. She is a waterpolo player, representing Australia in the London Olympics in 2012. She also works as a Civil Engineer.

Jane works in the transport department of private consulting firm, Aurecon. Aurecon provides engineering, management and specialist technical services for public and private sector clients globally. Jane works on rail and road projects for the Government sector.

Jane’s family has long history with Sacred Heart schools. During her time at Stuartholme, her father was the swimming coach, and her mother is currently a teacher at the School. A member of her father’s family was one of Stuartholme’s very first students, and her mother’s family has a long connection with Sacré Coeur.

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How do you manage to juggle both careers?

It has been a juggling act to get my engineering and waterpolo working in parallel. My employer has been extremely flexible and supportive with my waterpolo career, sponsoring me so that I can travel with the Australian Waterpolo team.

Tell us about your hopes for the future?

My hopes for the future regarding waterpolo are to recover from a shoulder reconstruction and to get back involved for the World Cup next year. Long term – I need to decide if I can commit to another Olympic cycle. Career wise within engineering – I would really like to progress up the management ladder with Aurecon. I am really happy with this organisation and would like to gain more planning and design experience to ultimately be a better engineer.

What advice would you give the girls at Stuartholme?

The advice I would give girls at Stuartholme is to try everything on offer at the School. How do you know that you don’t like something, if you don’t try it? There is a wide array of things at Stuartholme, a brilliant arts program, music program, sporting program, just keep yourself busy. I was very busy at school and I think this shapes who you are. You realise the things you love and are good at, and they’re the things that you take into the future.

Has Stuartholme School prepared you for your career?

My time at Stuartholme put me in good stead for my career by teaching me how to juggle the things I love. Obviously, I got into waterpolo when I was in high school, and I had to balance my education. There was no way my parents would let me put my waterpolo ahead of my education. So I remember sitting down with mum and dad in Year 12 and going through the number of waterpolo commitments that I had for the year and counting the number of lessons that I would be missing. To my extreme happiness Maths B was the winner and I was going to miss 42 lessons of Maths B! But then, I suddenly realised that I would have to do all that work prior to these waterpolo trips. It made me a really good time manager. Stuartholme gave me the flexibility, they handed the responsibility over to me, so I grew up realising that I had these responsibilities and I just did what had to get done.

Stuartholme has helped me understand that I could do waterpolo, as well as career.

Describe 3 people who impacted on you while at Stuartholme.

Mrs Nicola Johnson introduced me to waterpolo. She was a Deputy Principal when I was at school in year 8, and she coached me and mentored me all the way through my school-years. I always look back and thank Nicola on how she introduced me to the sport and coached me to great things. I look back on my French teacher, Madam Vial with great fondness. I think I was a lot better at French in my younger years at Stuartholme, and got progressively worse! None the less I did French all the way through school. In the Sporting department, it was Mrs Anna Starosta and Mrs Zoe Knowles. I continue to catch up with both of them since finishing school. They have had a big impact on me and my sporting life.

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