Stuartholme School’s Leaders of Learning Recognised for Excellence in Staff Collaboration

Tuesday, 12/09/2023 Posted by: Emily Heath

Stuartholme School is proud to announce that their Leaders of Learning team, which comprises of educational leaders in The Arts, Business, Diverse Learners, English, HPE, Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages, Library Services, Mathematics, Religious Education, Science, and Technologies, has been recognised in the category of Excellence in Staff Collaboration for the 2023 Australian Council of Educational Research Teacher Magazine Awards. While they did not secure the award, the school is elated about the well-deserved recognition these educators have received for their outstanding collaborative efforts.

In 2019, as Queensland Senior Schooling underwent its most significant transformation in 35 years, the school’s leadership team took bold steps to ensure their students thrived in this new landscape. Stuartholme School’s Leaders of Learning (LoL) team, consisting of 16 members, seized the opportunity to enhance their students’ success through collaboration, strategic planning, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

At the heart of Stuartholme School’s approach is a robust culture of collaboration. The LoL team met regularly, dedicating time to share best practices from within their teaching teams at the school and from other educational institutions. They engaged in professional networking, visiting sister-schools across the country to gain insights into the ATAR system and curriculum offerings.

The collaboration extended beyond their school’s walls, as they invited other schools to participate in masterclasses through their “The Lab for Educators” initiative. Additionally, the team presented their expertise at conferences in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland, further cementing their commitment to knowledge sharing.

Stuartholme’s LoL team members didn’t stop at personal development; they actively encouraged their teaching teams to engage with educational processes. Some members were appointed to Lead and Chief roles in Endorsement, Confirmation, and External Assessment Marking teams. Their learnings were generously shared with the LoL team, enriching the school’s curriculum development and student outcomes.

Several team members authored textbooks, contributing to the fields of Humanities and Business. Others took leadership roles in state subject associations, exemplifying their dedication to professional growth and knowledge sharing.

One key driver of Stuartholme School’s academic success was data-driven decision-making. They rigorously analysed data to track student progress, resulting in impressive improvements. In 2021, 48% of students across the school improved their GPAs from Semester 1 to Semester 2. More strikingly, from 2020 to 2022, there was a 13% increase in students achieving an ATAR of 90 or above, with 43% of ATAR-eligible students achieving this milestone, surpassing the state average by 33%.

Stuartholme School’s Leader of Learning team didn’t focus solely on academics. They collaborated closely with the Leaders of Student Wellbeing to ensure students excelled in all aspects of their lives. Their approach aligned with the school’s ethos of nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Stuartholme School congratulates its Leaders of Learning team on their outstanding dedication to collaboration and commitment to student success. The journey of Stuartholme School’s Leaders of Learning team is a testament to the power of collaboration, leadership, and continuous learning in the education sector. By fostering a culture of teamwork, sharing expertise, and adapting to change, they have not only weathered a major educational transition but have propelled their students to new heights of academic excellence.