Stuartholme extends students with University programs

Friday, 10/02/2017 Posted by: Annabel Irvin

Stuartholme School delivers a curriculum that responds effectively to the needs of the individual student, while challenging them to achieve their personal best. Facilitating student-centred education, also involves providing a broad array of co-curricula activities to enable students to discover, develop and value their talents through varied learning experiences. To assist high achieving students grow academically, Stuartholme School supports students wishing to enrol in the University of Queensland’s (UQ) Enhanced Studies Program (eligibility criterion applies, e.g. demonstration of a B grade point average).

The UQ Enhanced Studies Program allows students to participate in a university subject during Year 12. This year Junmin Tan, Genevieve Groves and Maria Snegovaya participated in the program studying Psychology, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. These students completed their work alongside first year university students, in addition to the demands of their full Year 12 subject workload. Successfully completing their university subjects is a testament to the quality of these students, and their personal drive to be the best they can be.

There are several benefits to enrolling in the Enhanced Studies Program (or equivalent program through another tertiary institution), one being that students study an area of interest which helps them assess their suitability for university courses. Participating in the UQ Program gives students one bonus rank towards their UQ Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre application (two bonus ranks equals one OP point). Students are also given two credits towards their Queensland Certificate of Education. On completion of their subject, students are awarded an academic transcript which means that they can apply for credit when they enter university (either at UQ or another institution).

Overall, by participating in this program students extend their knowledge, skills and abilities. The Program also assists with their preparation for university through their experiences of classes, completing assessment and enjoying campus life. Congratulations to Junmin, Genevieve and Maria on your remarkable achievements.

Stacey Wallace

Careers Counsellor