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Sport Trials – Orientation Day Year 7 2022

As part of Orientation Day this year we are giving our Year 7 2022 students the opportunity to trial Term 1 sports tennis and indoor cricket.

More information regarding these sports can be found below.


Stuartholme participates in the CaSSSA Tennis Competition. Thirteen Catholic Girls schools compete with over 120 teams, 24 divisions and 700 girls.  Stuartholme also enters teams in the Knowles Cup, Alumnae Cups and Teams Tennis.

The CaSSSA Tennis Competition is held every Saturday across Term 1 between 7:30am and 3:00pm. Each age group will have a different playing time. Stuartholme fields approximately 18 teams, generally with 5 students per team. The games are played on a home and away basis, with the Stuartholme home courts being located at the School. All junior teams play at the State Tennis Centre at Tennyson.

Season Cost

Cost is $230 per student for the CaSSSA season.  This will offset some of the costs of coaching, registration, transport and equipment. This cost does not cover other competitions throughout the year.


All training is held at the School and conducted by the School’s tennis coaches. Each team receives one training session per week.

Uniform and Equipment

Students are required to wear the Stuartholme tennis uniform consisting of the PE shirt or tennis shirt and tennis skirt or PE Shorts. Shoes should be non-marking joggers/runners/trainers.  Only the school cap or visor is permitted to be worn.

Training uniform: girls are only permitted to wear the Stuartholme training shirt or polo with the Stuartholme shorts, bike pants or tennis skirt to training – no “ free dress” permitted to training.

Girls are to provide their own racquet. Balls and scorecards are provided.

Student Transport

Students need to provide their own transport to away games. Boarders will travel with Day girls in their teams.  Junior boarders will be transported to the central venue by bus.


Indoor Cricket

Season Cost
The cost for the season is $180.  This will offset some of the costs of coaching, registration, transport and equipment.

Season Dates & Trials

This competition is held every Wednesday afternoon with games being played at the Toombul Indoor Sports Centre from 4pm to 5.30pm.

Coaching & Training
This year we will be fielding two teams (Open & Junior). It is important that all players attend training. A team cannot play as a team if they do not practice together. Players who consistently miss practices will be asked to reconsider their place as a team member. Commitment is important and all players need to be fully committed to both training and matches. Should players have a genuine reason to miss a practice or a match they must discuss this with the sports department. Training will be held on the school tennis courts.


Game uniform: Students are to wear the school jersey (available from the uniform shop) and School shorts or school bike pants to all games.  Should players require warmer clothing then the school tracksuit, blue school jumper, or school hoodie is the only acceptable clothing. The school will provide all the cricket gear required such as bats, pads, etc

Training uniform: girls are only permitted to wear the Stuartholme training shirt or polo with the Stuartholme shorts or bike pants to training – no “ free dress” permitted to training.  Uniforms are to be purchased prior to the commencement of the season from the school shop.

Transport A bus will be provided to transport all students to and from venues. All students are required to travel on the bus unless permission has been given from the Sports Department to be collected from the venue by a Parent/Guardian.

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