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BYOD Program

Stuartholme School embraces the significant role technology plays in educating today’s students. In line with our individualised learning approach, the School understands that each student has differing needs as they move through each year of school, and has developed a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program for each year level.

The BYOD Program enables students to bring a specific personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning.


For a number of years, we have provided IT devices to students which were previously funded by the Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution (DER) program. Although we welcomed the DER funding, we knew this arrangement was not sustainable and reached a point in 2016 where subsidising the program was not a viable option.

As a way to ensure we are providing the best educational outcomes for our students, we introduced the Bring Your Own Device Program in 2017.

The advantages of this model for students is greater flexibility, personalisation and adaptable technology to suit individual learning needs and styles.

Device specifications

Stuartholme has worked with educational technology specialists to develop a range of packages, comprising a tablet device, warranty and service which meets both school and individual requirements.

Stuartholme has selected Datacom, an IT service provider with a strong local presence and long history in supporting education technology, to help manage the IT device program.

Following extensive research, four devices were selected for students. Each device is built with ‘business-grade’ components which tends to be more robust than laptops built with ‘consumer-grade’ parts.

The devices all connect to the school’s extensive secure wireless network, Learning Management System, printers, interactive LCD screens, data projector and AV facilities.

Induction and support

Stuartholme provides software licenses for specialist subject software and web based applications as well as access to online academic research databases. We also provide full IT Service Desk support for school recommended applications.

A laptop induction program is provided to students and parents. The program outlines the use and expectations of using the device within the school.

Warranty and insurance

Every device purchased via Datacom comes with a three-year warranty, which covers hardware related faults.

Onsite warranty and repair is available, with a school owned loan device offered for the duration of repair. Accidental Breakage Insurance is also included.


Frequently asked questions

To help answer your questions about the BYOD Program we have developed some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have other questions about the BYOD Program, please email us.

Can my daughter use an existing device from home?

The school has conducted extensive research to ensure the chosen devices have been tried and tested in the classroom arena and support the applications used in the curriculum. The devices also come with a three-year hardware warranty.

We highly recommend using one of the preferred devices. It is vital that our teachers are not spending time assisting students with device questions that takes them away from classroom teaching and learning.

The devices purchased through Datacom also come with a three-year warranty and optional accidental breakage insurance. In the event of an issue, these devices will be repaired within days, meaning students’ learning is not interrupted.

A device was previously included in the fees, so why are we now being asked to purchase our own?

Our inclusive fees had previously included a tablet. Under the Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution (DER) program, we received some funding, however the school has continued to subsidise this program. The actual cost of providing a device to each student was more than what we included in the tuition fees.

The current amount allocated to IT will be allocated to providing the highest quality systems and applications needed for effective teaching and learning.

The School will continue to provide devices for the Years 9 and 12 students (2018).

How is the BYOD program being introduced across the school?

The BYOD program will begin with our Year 7 and 10 students for 2017. These year groups will need to purchase one of the selected devices.

A ‘cascading’ roll through of Year 7 and Year 10 devices over the next three years will ensure a sustainable program moving into the future.

Years 9 and 12 students (2018) will receive a school provided device (SPD).

How will students be using their device during the school day?

Students will use their registered devices to complete in-class activities, check Stuartholme’s learning management systems and school related messaging/daily notices, complete homework, collaborate in real time, research for projects, access websites with curriculum-related content, keep track of classroom assignments, and record journal entries and other approved learning activities.

In our technology-rich world students are immersed in digital technology in their out-of-school lives. The use of devices in the classroom will continue to evolve over time as students and teachers are able to optimise the advantage of their use to support teaching and learning in the classroom, wherever that classroom may be.

Staff and students will collaborate and use the device as a tool that develops the student as an information seeker, researcher, analyser and evaluator, problem-solver and decision maker. They will use programs to create ways in which to communicate their findings and become publishers of their work.

Technology is a tool in the day-to-day learning of our students, not a special event or something separate from their everyday experiences. Different teachers in different classes will use it in different ways.

Students will not be learning in a paperless or wholly online environment, they will be using technology in classes to support the best possible approaches to rigorous teaching and learning.

Will learning outcomes be evaluated differently?

Students will continue to be evaluated in the Queensland and National Curriculum. Soon, NAPLAN will be completed online. The devices complement the existing school curriculum by providing digital learning tools that link in with planned classroom activities. Wireless access points at schools will foster collaboration and teamwork, allowing students to search for information together and share the learning experience.

Will students continue with handwriting?

Handwriting will continue to have a place in the classroom, as well as the use of the keyboard.

Will students be safe carrying BYOD devices?

Overseas and Australian research has shown that insurance companies have reported very few incidents while students travel to and from school. Students should be specifically warned not to take the devices out in public, and to carry them in a protective cover, which should be placed in their school bags.

Will the student files on the device be private?

The School may from time to time request access to the browser history and caches on an individual’s device as well as any and all files belonging to the student that reside on the device as well as those stored on web based drives. Students and parents need to be aware that files stored locally or on school established web based drives are not private.

What about security/theft/damage?

Devices are the sole responsibility of the student. Stuartholme School accepts no responsibility for the security or safety of the device.

Students are responsible for the security of the device and should use the lockers or other security measures provided to secure their devices.

The School’s IT Service Desk can help the girls solve minor issues or problems with software applications. We encourage everyone to ensure that their devices or notebooks are supported by good quality warranties to deal with hardware failures.

Insurance options can be found in the BYOD Datacom Student Welcome Pack, which can be found on the School website under About Us/BYOD Program. It is strongly recommended that families investigate insurance options such as personal home and content policies as the school does not accept responsibility for loss, theft or damage.

What happens if the device breaks while in school?

The student will take the device to the ICT Help Desk, so they may determine if it is a hardware or software issue. If it is a hardware issue, the student’s details will be registered, the device submitted for repairs with Datacom and a loan device will be issued.


How do the girls access the Internet while at school?

Stuartholme School has a high quality wireless network, covering our buildings and open spaces, allowing the girls to use their mobile technology anywhere on our campus.

How does the School ensure the girls’ safety when using the Internet at school?

To facilitate instruction and practice internet safety, Stuartholme’s internet connection is protected by an internet content filter. Cellular data plans do not use Stuartholme’s internet connection and, therefore, do not use Stuartholme’s internet content filter.

Students must use the Stuartholme WiFi internet connection with their BYOD device while on the School campus, including the Boarding House.

How do the students charge their computers?

Students must bring their device to school fully charged. If fully charged, it would be unusual if they need topping up over a day of normal use.

Uncharged devices or poor battery performance will lead to a student’s inability to participate in some class activities.

What applications/software will be used in the classroom?

Wherever possible, classroom lessons will be tailored to the technology to which all students have access. The internet browser built into the personally owned devices can be used to access the Learning Management system.

As part of the Office 365 arrangements, students are provided with a registration key student allowing them to download up to five copies of Microsoft Office and install it on their device(s) at no cost. The software is downloadable from the Office 365 site. Applications will be provided either remotely to the girls via web based application or relevant registration and download details. Software does not need to be provided by parents.

Can my daughter bring her iPad or tablet to school?

We ask that girls bring devices with mechanical keyboards that can support traditional software packages (such as Microsoft Office).

iPads and tablets are great for consuming information, but they have limitations in creating and manipulating it. Laptop or notebook-style devices will give them the greatest benefits in supporting their learning.

Is there an easy way to acquire a new device?

To support parents who wish to purchase a new IT device for their daughter, Stuartholme School has brokered an exclusive agreement with Datacom Education, who has had extensive experience supplying the education industry.

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