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A School of the Sacred Heart

A Defining Education

“Stuartholme is where I discovered who I am”

Molly McCann, Stuartholme Senior 2020.

A Stuartholme School education provides more than outstanding academic results. Our approach to education ensures that students are provided with opportunities to discover who they are and then supported and encouraged to excel. Our defining Sacred Heart education is more than academic excellence, it’s an education that leaves its mark and creates confident, exciting futures.

Our highly accomplished teachers work collaboratively to ensure every student is known and no one is ever lost in the crowd. Inside the classrooms, teachers create and adapt lessons to ensure students are inspired to not only learn more about the subject, but about themselves.

Opportunities outside of the classroom provide additional pathways for students to grow through social justice initiatives, music, sport and cultural groups.

These opportunities provide defining moments over the six years at Stuartholme so that when our girls leave our gates, they will be the person they always believed they could be.

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