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McDonald Family Bursary

The McDonald Family Bursary

The McDonald Family’s legacy at Stuartholme is a tapestry woven with dedication, generosity, and a profound commitment to education. Spanning multiple generations, the McDonalds have not only been strong supporters but also integral members of the Stuartholme community.

Their contributions extend beyond financial donations, embodying a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of education.

The establishment of the McDonald Family Bursary is the latest chapter in their Stuartholme legacy, encapsulating their desire to open doors for young women who dream of a great education that lasts a lifetime. This bursary, by providing substantial support for a Boarder to attend Stuartholme for three years from Year 10 to Year 12, is a testament to the family’s vision of fostering leadership, resilience, and a sense of community among the next generation.

The McDonald Family’s legacy and contributions will be remembered and appreciated for many generations to come, inspiring future benefactors and continuing to impact the Stuartholme community in profound and lasting ways.

This bursary is designed to open doors for a deserving young woman to embark on a transformative educational journey at Stuartholme as a boarder for Years 10 to 12.

This Bursary will cover part of the student’s tuition fees. Each Bursary is subject to annual review of the student’s all-round performance and active involvement in school life, and the family’s ongoing financial position.

The McDonald Family Bursary program is made possible by the generosity of the family who believe in a contemporary and transformative educations for young women.

Bursary Details

  • For: One new boarder student
  • Duration: 3 Years (Year 10 to Year 12)
  • Coverage: A substantial portion of tuition and/or boarding fees
  • Bursary Period: 2025 to 2027
  • This bursary is means-tested.

Who Should Apply?

  • Aspiring young student currently in Year 9
  • Demonstrates academic potential, leadership qualities, and community involvement.
  • Meets the boarding criteria at Stuartholme
  • Has a desire to contribute positively to the Stuartholme community and beyond

Why Apply?

  • Access to Stuartholme’s renowned academic pathways, integrated wellbeing program, extensive social and competitive co-curricular program, resources and support systems.
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills, engage in community service and become courageous, confident and capable young women.
  • Become part of a vibrant, supportive, caring and dynamic community that values each student’s unique journey.

How to Apply

Take your first step and let your dreams take flight with the McDonald Family Bursary at Stuartholme!

This bursary stands as a beacon, inviting you to take your first step towards realizing your dreams in an environment that nurtures talent, fosters personal growth, and cultivates leadership. It’s here, within the supportive and enriching community of Stuartholme, that your aspirations can soar to new heights.

Embrace this opportunity to lay the foundation of your dream, knowing that with each step forward, you’re not just moving closer to your goals but also becoming a part of a school that champions education, empowerment, and the pursuit of excellence.

For more information on applying contact our Enrolments team, or phone 07 3369 5455 or for information on donor contributions to this bursary please contact our Philanthropy Manager, Mrs. Lina Blazak, at 3369 5466 or

This is an opportunity to shine, to dream big, and to be part of something truly special. We look forward to discovering the bright young woman who will embark on this exciting journey with us.

If you are interested in continuing supporting the McDonald Family Legacy though gifting the gift of a great education, donations are welcome and tax deductible over $2.00.

Please contact the Philanthropy Manager, Lina Blazak at

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