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2025 Sport Scholarships

Stuartholme Sports Scholarships are available only to new students entering Stuartholme into Years 7 – 11 that display excellence in a particular Sport or general excellence across a range of sporting fields.   

*Students already attending Stuartholme School are not eligible to apply for this scholarship other than in Year 6. 

The Scholarships provide remission of tuition fees only for the duration of the student’s attendance at Stuartholme. Applicants for Sports scholarships are not required to sit the ACER Scholarship exam, but are expected to be able to maintain adequate standards of academic achievement and to support the Goals of Sacred Heart Education.  

Specific criteria and conditions relevant to the Sports scholarship program are as follows: 

  • For students to remain eligible for this scholarship, they must train and compete in their field of expertise for Stuartholme School 
  • Evidence of Regional, State or National representation in the chosen sport within the last 12 months as well as future potential in sport will be required in the application process  
  • Recipients must commit to a minimum of two terms of sport per school year, one of which must be the student’s specialist sport 
  • A commitment to compete in one of the following CaSSSA Carnivals: Swimming, Cross Country, or Athletics 
  • Two-character references from either a current teacher or a current sporting coach 
  • In all areas of school life, a scholarship holder must understand that she bears significant responsibility as a talented sports student. Recipients must present and behave as positive role models within the school. 
  • There is a strong sporting ethos at Stuartholme School and this is also reflected in the House Sporting competitions. As a talented sports student recipients will be expected to take an active role within the House and take part in the different sports and cultural events throughout the year.  

  In order to apply for a Sports Scholarship, potential students must complete the below Sports Scholarship Application form:

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