Ditching screen time these holidays

Wednesday, 29/06/2022 Posted by: Annabel Irvin

School holidays provide the perfect opportunity for students to rest and recharge their batteries before the next term starts.

This downtime allows young minds to unwind. What better way to do this than by putting the electronic devices down and spend time on other activities.

Negotiating effective limits for the use of technology

Experts tell us that working together with your daughter to negotiate mutually agreed limits for your daughter’s technology use is the best plan, rather than dictating the rules. This still includes putting in place clear boundaries as a parent. Taking into consideration the age of your child and any specific problem areas are also important in coming up with a compromise. Some of the key areas to consider in negotiating limits may include:

•Agreed hours to remain off technology overnight
• Phone free time that will be enjoyed each day
• Expectations that your family has about the use of technology at particular times e.g. when there are visitors and during meal times

Understanding the important role that technology can play in the world of a teenager and negotiating boundaries together will not only enhance her wellbeing but improve the quality of your relationship.

Exploring a range of different ways to relax

Seize the opportunity over the holidays to help your child pursue a range of different activities to relax. It is optimal to build up a range of different ways that they enjoy relaxing. Challenge your child to try some activities that they normally would not do to help balance out the tendency to overuse technology and devices.

Some great options include:

•Reading a good book
• Spending time with the family
• Doing craft
• Playing music
• Listening to music
• Cooking
• Being with nature
• See a good movie
• Spending time with friends in the outdoors
• Swimming
• Dancing
• Doing yoga or meditation
• Cleaning up/ helping around the house

Sometimes, just allowing our children to be bored can be the best way to kick start their creativity!