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A School of the Sacred Heart

Centennial Art Show

The Stuartholme Centennial Art Show committee warmly welcomes you to our online exhibition and event.

The CAS 2020 is a celebration of works of emerging and professional artists with connections to our community. It is organised by our alumnae, the Stuartholme Sacre Coeur Association.

Tickets to the opening night, Saturday Sept 12th 6-9pm are for sale at:

The event will be running with a COVID safe plan in place.

In the unlikely event of cancellation, the ticket price (less unrecoverable costs) is refundable but we would be most grateful if the remaining cost of the ticket could be donated to the Alumni Bursary fund.

The show is also open on Sunday September 13th 10am – 4.00pm (free entry) at Stuartholme School 365 Birdwood Tce, Toowong. Brisbane.

All works are available for sale and the funds go towards the gift of a Stuartholme education for daughters and granddaughters of alumnae who are experiencing financial difficulty.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors who have contributed to the bursary by supporting the Centennial Art Show.

Thanks also to our wonderful artists who have donated prints, paintings and jewellery to the show: Nic Olsen, Fiona Chivers, Nick Coulson, Catherine Baudet, Kristin Mountjoy, Pierina Curties, Natasha Deardon and Charlotte Dirou.

We hope our second exhibition unites the creatives and alum who have passed through Stuartholme, the current students who have participated in our Art with Heart exhibition, their parents and the wider community.

Tracey Lennon


CAS 2020

Guest Speaker – Davida Allen

Born: 1951 in Charleville, Queensland

Representation: PHILIP BACON GALLERY (Brisbane)

Allen studied under Betty Churcher at Stuartholme School, Brisbane (1965-69) and later under Ray Churcher at Brisbane Central Technical College. She won the Archibald Prize in 1986 for her portrait of her father-in-law Dr John Shera, has written and illustrated two books,What Is a Portrait – Images of Vicki Myers and The Autobiography of Vicki Myers, Close to the Bone, and has created a film, Feeling Sexy, on the struggles of an artist attempting to reconcile the conflicting demands of bohemia and suburbia. She frequently confronts the themes of family and sexuality.

How to purchase artworks

Artworks from the Stuartholme Centennial Art Show 2020 virtual catalogue can be purchased by emailing after 10.00am on Sunday September 13th, when the virtual show opens.

In your email, please include:

  • Your name
  • The name of the artwork/s you wish to purchase and reference number/s
  • Your return phone number

Note, a CAS Art show representative will call you to process payment up until 7.00pm on Saturday September 19th.

If an artwork you wish to purchase has already been sold, you will receive a reply email indicating it is no longer available for purchase. The online catalogue will be updated as artworks are sold.

The virtual Stuartholme Centennial Art Show concludes at 5.00pm on Saturday September 19th.

You can view the complete catalogue here.

Instagram: @stuartholmeartshow  #stuartholmeartshow #stuartholme100years


Tracey Lennon

Karen Knight-Mudie

Fiona Chivers

Nick Olsen

Catherine Baudet

Nick Coulson

Kirsten Mountjoy

Naomi White

Maureen Hansen

Ingrid Bartkowiak

Charlotte Dirou

Natasha Dearden

Kirsten Bresciani

Melissa Simmonds

Bronwyn Searle

Bec Irvine

Judith Dalozzo

Samantha Martinuzzi

Peter Lewis

Megan Grinstead

Nameer Davis

Barbara Forde

Tim Job

Maureen Shay

Liz Cullinan

Phoenix Kenny

Pierina Curties

Gabrielle MacTaggart

Wendy Britton

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