Catholic Education Week Awards recognise Stuartholme Chaplain

Wednesday, 29/07/2015 Posted by: Annabel Irvin

Stuartholme School Chaplain Sister Rita Carroll rscJ was honoured and humbled to be one of eight recipients of the 2015 Spirit of Catholic Education Award.

The awards, presented annually during Catholic Education Week, recognise individuals making an outstanding contribution to Catholic education in Queensland.

Sr Carroll received her award in the category of Engaging in exceptionally life – giving relationships with students, colleagues or other members of the school community, and the Stuartholme community couldn’t agree with this more.

Principal Helen Sinclair said Sr Carroll was a much cherished member of the Stuartholme School community.

“Sr Carroll was a student at Stuartholme and was inspired by the Society of the Sacred Heart (rscJ) to enter Religious life in 1964.

“Her contribution to the School cannot be measured and I am thrilled she has been recognised in not only her 50th year as an rscJ, but in Stuartholme’s 95th year in educating girls,” Helen said.

Sr Carroll was a passionate science educator before becoming Stuartholme’s Chaplain.

“I am blessed to work at Stuartholme as Chaplain where I can help guide the spiritual heart of the school,” she said.

In addition to conducting staff retreats, annual Lenten liturgy and the School’s Sacramental Programme, Sr Carroll also travels at the request of organisations to talk on spiritual matters.

“With my work for the ANZ Provence I do a fair amount of travelling, but I am also very happy to once again enter the gates of Stuartholme, it has been my home for many years and I have a deep love and appreciation for the community and their dedication to the enduring love of Jesus.”